Jennifer Garner Sets Healthy Example For Her Daughters


For mother-of-two Jennifer Garner, exemplifying a healthy way of living is an important aspect of teaching her daughters healthy habits. 

In an interview with iVillage, Garner explains, “I think if your kids see you exercising they’ll grow up exercising […] They’ll assume that it’s always part of life. If they think it feels good to move your body, they’ll want to do it as they get older.”  

In addition to keeping active, Garner serves daughters Violet Anne, 4 1/2, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 20 months, healthy and nutritious foods. 

Kids and healthy foods? I can practically hear the “veg-able” protest beginning. Since getting young children to eat nutritious foods can be challenging at best, Jennifer shares a healthy hint that helps her at dinner time. 

“My big thing with vegetables lately is, ‘How many colors are you going to eat tonight?'” she explains. “Choose your colors. […] My girls will eat red and yellow peppers. I’ll put all of that out and see what I can get down them.”

Hm. This is so simple that it just might work!

What are some of your tips for teaching children healthy habits? 

Photo: Prphotos