Jennifer Garner Takes Daughter Violet Shopping For Toys (Photos)

Jennifer Garner

It looks like someone must have been very good at camp this summer! Busy mom Jennifer Garner was spotted taking her daughter Violet to the toy store to no doubt buy the little girl a special treat near their home in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday afternoon. The two made their way to the JennyBloc toy store where Violet got to browse through the new toy section.

Doesn’t it seem like Jennifer is always out and about with her kids? If she’s not doing a red carpet premiere, she’s either taking the kids out for ice cream, dropping them off at ballet or just spending a lazy day at the park with them. I just love how hands-on Jen is and how she puts her family first in her life. Gotta love her for being so dedicated to what matters most in life.

Take a look below and let us know what you think. 

  • Jennifer Garner 1 of 5
    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer Garner takes eldest daughter Violet Affleck with her as the pair stopped off at Jenny Bec's kids store in Los Angeles.
  • Summer Treat 2 of 5
    Summer Treat
    I'm guessing Violet was a very good girl this summer!
  • Excited! 3 of 5
    She looks real excited to go toy shopping with her mom.
  • Hands-On 4 of 5
    Don't you just love how hands-on Jen is with her kids?
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think of Jennifer's everyday mom style?

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