Jennifer Garner: The Odd Life of Timothy Green Star Stuns in Black & White

A Glowing Jennifer Garner

Wow. Just wow. Mom of three Jennifer Garner continued her “yes, I look fabulous after giving birth to my third child,” tour on Tuesday. Okay, she wasn’t really doing a tour to promote how healthy, happy and refreshingly natural she looked after having a third child, she was in New York City to promote her upcoming film The Odd Life of Timothy Green. And you know what?

The actress never looked better and she seemed to glow, and for good reason. She is promoting a film that she loves, adored and believes in, three qualities that completely comes through in her performance of Cindy in the Peter Hedges directed film opening this week.  Garner gives a nuanced and emotional performance of a woman who can’t have children but, through some sort of magical circumstances, is gifted a son a son who just happens to have leaves growing from his legs.  Garner takes this miracle is stride and fills the shoes of mom with ease, just like she does in real life.

You can check out Jennifer Garner in her role in The Odd Life of Timothy Green on Wednesday when it opens in theaters everywhere.