Jennifer Garner Will Tell A Fib But She Won't Swear



The word wholesome comes to mind when I think of Jennifer Garner and looks like that just might be the case.  The 37-year-old actress admits she will tell a tiny fib if it saves someone’s feelings but she won’t ever swear.  Guess she doesn’t have to worry about letting something slip around her girls!

Garner said, “I am a horrible liar.  I can’t do it.  Even if I have your birthday present and your birthday is not until November, and I get a present, I have to tell you.  I can’t lie and say I don’t have it.  I can keep a secret if you need me to, but otherwise, it doesn’t work out.”

Jen admits it’s OK to tell a little white lie in certain situations.  “If you save somebody’s feelings for it; to smooth a transition of saying hello to someone you don’t need to stop and have an entire conversation with – if someone says ‘how are you?,’ I think it’s perfectly acceptable to say ‘fine’ if you’re not, if you don’t know them well; and to let little kids feel more important than they are by letting them win at a game.”

Jennifer’s Invention of Lying costar Ricky Gervais says she’s as innocent in real life as she seems on-screen.

“Real life and her public image are one in the same.  She’s wholesome.  She doesn’t swear.  She says things like ‘darn it’ and ‘dang it.’  I asked her her favorite swear word, and she said ‘crap.’  I said ‘that’s not a swear word.'”

Jen came back with, “You’re full of bolgona.”

Ricky said, “Now that’s really rude for her.  She’s going to feel bad about that for a little while.  She swore — with bologna.  The only person more shocking doing that line would be Martha Stewart.”

I guess Jen doesn’t have a swear jar that she has to put money in every time she cusses and that her girls get at the end of the week.  I don’t either but I do know friends who do that – they’re kids are sorta rich.