Jennifer Garner's Busy Family Day! (Photos)


Jennifer Garner never seems to slow down – but when you’re a mom of three, that’s pretty much the norm even if you’re not a famous actress.

She was spotted yesterday with her seven-year-old daughter, Violet, on their way to piano lessons. Violet carried an umbrella and playfully tried to block the camera’s view of her mom with it – but Jen put a stop to that pretty quickly.

Later, she was seen joining husband Ben Affleck and their middle child, four-year-old Seraphina, on their way to an ice-cream shop.

Jennifer will soon be even busier; she’s getting ready to start filming her next movie this summer. That means that the lion’s share of the parenting duties will fall to Ben for a while. “Jennifer is going to work,” he told People recently. “And she told me to go to the gym.”

See the fun family pics here!

  • A little shade 1 of 10
    A little shade
    Violet takes along a little sun protection as she goes to class.
  • Catching up 2 of 10
    Catching up
    Jennifer takes the opportunity to get in a quick call.
  • Want some privacy, Mom? 3 of 10
    Want some privacy, Mom?
    Violet tries to block the photographer's view.
  • Now they can’t see you! 4 of 10
    Now they can't see you!
    The second-grader knows a thing or two about protecting a famous Hollywood actress.
  • Not amused 5 of 10
    Not amused
    Seems Jennifer doesn't want the protection.
  • Enough! 6 of 10
    Jennifer gets hold of the intrusive accessory.
  • Proud papa 7 of 10
    Proud papa
    Ben Affleck gives four-year-old Seraphina a lift.
  • Treat time 8 of 10
    Treat time
    Jennifer joins her husband and younger daughter for a trip to the ice-cream store.
  • Dark, handsome stranger 9 of 10
    Dark, handsome stranger
    Ben preserves his privacy the old-fashioned way: wearing a cap, sunglasses and black clothes. (The beard doesn't hurt, either.)
  • Excitement! 10 of 10
    Seraphina appears to be telling a fascinating tale.

[Photos: via PacificCoastNews]

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