Jennifer Garners Secret For Toned Arms

jennifer garner
Jennifer Garner carries Violet in Santa Monica

Celeb mom Jennifer Garner has always been envied for her fab figure, and many moms wonder how she finds the time to stay in such great shape while keeping up with her daughters, Violet and Seraphina.

Jennifer no doubt works out when she can, but it looks like she may have another fitness solution for keeping her upper body looking defined. What is Jennifer Garner’s secret for toned arms?

Judging from this photo, I’d say that carrying around daughter, Violet, 5, definitely helps her bicep muscles! Violet probably weighs around 40 lbs, and Garner is carrying her in one arm, which is not an easy feat. My son is the same age and that is about what he weighs, and I can attest to the fact that carrying around a child of that age gives your arms quite a workout.

A lot of Hollywood moms swear that they manage to stay lean by chasing around their kids. Looks like they might be on to something with that theory!

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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