Jennifer Grey Dancing with the Stars Freestyle Finals: DWTS Dirty Dancing (Video)

watch jennifer grey dancing with the stars dwts freestyle dirty dancing video
Watch Jennifer Grey's Dancing with the Stars freestyle video

Watch Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars freestyle dance for the DWTS finals in this video clip. Jennifer Grey’s DWTS freestyle was danced to Dirty Dancing’s “Do You Love Me.”

During rehearsal, Jennifer said she’s worried about re-injuring her neck with any tricks and lifts.

But Derek said he eased her into it slowly… he said Jennifer is pushing the limits, and she says she’s a badass!

Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars freestyle dance has got to win over the Dirty Dancing fans – she starts off looking so very “Baby” with her watermelon… before her clothes get ripped off, of course!

Jennifer Grey’s DWTS freestyle is another awesome performance and it looked like she was having an amazing time.

There were plenty of Dirty Dancing moments in Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars freestyle. Loved it!

Carrie Ann said it was amazing and perfect.

Len says she’s like an irresistible force.

Bruno said she’s a great dancer, doing two dances at the opposite end of the spectrum and both equally brilliant.

The judges give Jennifer Grey perfect scores: 10-10-10

Backstage, Jennifer Grey explained that Time of Your Life was a song for her and Patrick Swayze. Aww.

With perfect scores, it would appear that Jennifer Grey would be poised to win Dancing with the Stars 2010, but you never know…

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