Jennifer Grey Dancing with the Stars Paso Doble "So What" Video: Watch Jennifer Grey's Missteps

watch jennifer grey dancing with the stars so what paso doble
Watch Jennifer Grey's Dancing with the Stars Paso Doble

Watch Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars Paso Doble performance to “So What” by Pink in this video clip. Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars Rock Week dancing was far from her best, earning low scores from all of the judges.

Jennifer Grey’s Paso Doble seemed like she was trying too hard and making mistakes as a result. But hey, Jamie lee and Melanie Griffith were cheering Jennifer Grey on, so life’s not all bad!

Carrie Ann commented that Jennifer needs to calm down, saying she’s like the chosen one but something is going wrong and she’s going downhill.

Len said Jennifer Grey has the attack and attitude, but in trying to go for it with such gusto, she lost some control..

Bruno said she had the rage right but then she lost the quality of movement said she has to balance the two.

DWTS was kind enough to show a slow motion replay of where Jennifer Grey spun out of control right before she received a score of 20. Ouch.