Jennifer Grey Dancing with the Stars Waltz "These Arms of Mine" (Video)

jennifer grey dancing with the stars waltz
Jennifer Grey's waltz on Dancing with the Stars

Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars debut was tonight – how did Grey do? Check out the video clip of Jennifer Grey on Dancing with the Stars, dancing the Viennese Waltz to “These Arms of Mine.”

In rehearsals, Jennifer said she hasn’t had that much fun in a long time and when she heard she and dance pro partner Derek Hough were performing to “These Arms of Mine,” it was bittersweet.

“These Arms of Mine” is from Dirty Dancing, and at first Grey was really excited, but then emotions took over, as the song reminded her of her late Dirty Dancing co-star, Patrick Swayze.

Jennifer Grey commented, “and then, in one second, it took me back… and I was with Patrick. I just miss him and I just realize how fast time goes.”

Grey said she was going to be fearless like Patrick was, and you could tell her Viennese Waltz performance had some connection to Swayze.

The judges comments: Bruno said “Baby is back where she belongs… beautifully danced and beautifully acted waltz,” Carrie Ann said there’s such a connection to what’s beyond and said she’s gotten better with age, and Len thought it was great, but is waiting to see how she’ll do a jive next week.

Jennifer Grey scored 24 for her Viennese Waltz. What did you think of her DWTS performance?