Jennifer Grey Puts Aside Her Dancing Shoes to Get Back to Her Acting Roots (Video)


jennifer grey houseNo matter where you look these days there’s Jennifer Grey popping up on TV, the Internet, and magazine covers everywhere.  Tonight you can get a double helping of Ms. Grey as she appears both on Dancing with the Stars and guest stars on House.

Grey had taken a break from acting for the past several years to raise her daughter Stella, 8, before returning to the spotlight in DWTS this fall.

“Getting this part made me remember how much I love acting,” Grey tells TV Guide. “That feeling of community and creativity hadn’t been realized for a long time.”

Keep reading to see what you can expect from the episode and get a sneak peak of Jennifer Grey on House.

In the episode titled, Unplanned Parenthood, Jennifer plays a woman named Abbey who is experiencing difficulties with her late-in-life pregnancy.  Her baby develops a breathing problem and a liver illness that the team at  Princeton”‘Plainsboro Teaching Hospital needs to figure out.  The team ends up balancing the needs of the mother against the needs of the baby.  In this real-world decision dilemma, the mom is placed in the position of putting her own life at risk for that of her child.

Would you rather watch Jennifer Grey on Dancing with the Stars or House tonight?

Photo: PR Photos