Jennifer Hudson and other Celeb Moms Who Lost Weight on Weight Watchers

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has transformed herself by becoming a spokesperson for Weight Watchers in April 2010, eight months after giving birth to her son, David Jr.

She lost 80 pounds and dropped from a size 16 to a size four through diet and working out for regular workout sessions with personal trainer, Harley Pasternak.

But now, Joy Behar on The View revealed that on a recent shopping trip, she bumped into the actress and overheard a salesperson tell the Dreamgirls star she was a size zero!

Here are other celebrity moms who have lost weight using Weight Watchers.

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    Jennifer Hudson
    her slim figure in a curvy skintight beige dress as the singer returns to her hotel after appearing on "Live with Regis & Kelly". The "American Idol" alum has recently talked about her remarkable weight loss saying, "I'm a different person. I don't recognize old pictures of myself. I found an old passport and couldn't believe it was me."
  • Tina Fey 2 of 7
    Tina Fey
    Tina Fey says her career took off after she used Weight Watchers to drop 30 lbs. before Saturday Night Live.
  • Jenny McCarthy 3 of 7
    Jenny McCarthy
    Jenny McCarthy was a Weight Watchers spokeswoman in 2006 after she used the program to lose 60 lbs. of post-baby weight.
  • Sarah Ferguson 4 of 7
    Sarah Ferguson
    The Duchess of York,as been a Weight Watchers spokesperson for many years, after she lost 50 lbs. on the program.
  • Kate Winslet 5 of 7
    Kate Winslet
    The Oscar-winning actress has supposedly followed the Weight Watchers diet plan, although since she has been outspoken about her refusal to allow Hollywood to dictate her weight!
  • Patsy Kensit 6 of 7
    Patsy Kensit
    The English actress, singer, model and former child star and mom of two has done Weight Watchers.
  • Kate Beckinsale 7 of 7
    Kate Beckinsale
    Kate also has reportedly used Weight Watchers to slim down.