Jennifer Hudson Wants To Have A Baby Girl


jennifer-hudson-babyHer son is less than three months old, but new mom Jennifer Hudson is already talking about more babies.  Specifically, she’s looking to have a little girl.

Hudson told Access Hollywood, “I want a girl and then maybe another one. You know, one baby at a time.”

I don’t think one baby at a time means the same thing to Jennifer as it does to me.

Since she kept her last baby’s gender a surprise until delivery, maybe she and fiance David Otunga have a nursery closet full of pinks and bows that she wants to put to good use.  Or maybe she had the world’s easiest delivery and her infant son is already sleeping through the night and so, why not?!  Bring on the babies!

However many children she has in the future, Jennifer is clear on one thing: she plans to raise her family in Chicago.    “Chicago would definitely be it because that is where all the family is,” Hudson says.  “I feel like he should be surrounded by family. That’s where the biggest support system is and if we live somewhere else, then we will have to bring the family wherever we are.”

After the tragic loss of her mother, brother and nephew just over a year ago, it’s understandable that the singer and actress wants to stay close to her remaining family.