Jennifer Hudsons Baby Is Confused – Thinks He's a Puppy


g27625800000000000037eee4dc8443b64855dfa53263fe98c067bd2239Jennifer Hudson‘s 7-month-old son David Otunga Jr. may be a bit confused of who he is.  Yes, he’s the baby of a superstar. Yes, his parents will soon be getting married. But there is one thing he should get straight…he is not a puppy.

While making an appearance at Elton John’s annual AIDS Foundation Oscar party, Jennifer dished to Access Hollywood that her son absolutely loves the family dogs. So much so that he even tries to communicate them in some kind of doggie speak.

“The baby loves them,” Jennifer said of her dogs. “He’s always trying to play with them and he thinks he’s one of them. He even growls like the dogs and I’m like, ‘Are you growling?’

She continued to say, “We were just on the plane the other day and he was growling at the broccoli that he was playing with,” Jennifer giggled,  “He was like, ‘Arrrrr!’ He growls at the other babies and he think that’s how you’re supposed to communicate.”

Perhaps he’s a future dog whisper. Watch out Cesar Millan!


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