Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are In The Dog House


jennifer-lopez-dog-attack-marc-anthonyWhy on earth do Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have trained attack dogs around their kids? Oh wait, it’s because they are insane, I forgot.
Things that dogs do and their behaviors are directly related to the owner so I’m not really surprised that Marc Anthony’s dog pulled a jackass move.

Marc and Jennifer are being sued because Marc’s attack dog Floyd, attacked someone. For carrying silverware. On a plane.

I understand the need for personal protection, but to have a dog that you can’t look in the eye and have to warn people about is a little crazy. What happens if the little ones get a little too close for the dogs comfort.

It’s like sitting around waiting for the worst to happen. And it did. I am a dog lover, but a dog is a dog is a dog, and at the end of the day it is still an animal with animal behaviors and tendencies.

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