Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham Have Moms Night Out in Sweats

jennifer lopez style
Jennifer Lopez loves her sweats

Do you get all dolled up to go to a movie with a friend for a moms’ night out?

Celeb moms Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham don’t get dressed up, they get dressed way down!

In order to be able to sneak into the movie theater without gathering a crowd, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham trade in their usually glamorous looks for sweatpants and tennis shoes. They even try to enter the theater another way.

Hey, every mama needs a break, even celeb moms! Though I have a hard time believing that Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez look anything less than fabulous all of the time, even dressed down.

In case you are wondering, the next must-see movie on the celeb mom duo’s list is “Hangover 2.”

Photo: PCN

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