Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down After Contestant Is Dismissed! Find Out Who!

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Jennifer Lopez Cried After Eliminating A Contestant.

It was only a matter of time before the waterworks started. Each episode of American Idol seemed to get harder and harder for judge Jennifer Lopez as the pressure of the competition grew in magnitude.

Lopez just couldn’t take it when a contestant was given the boot on an upcoming episode. If you really want to know who the fan-favorite that got booted was keep reading.

Lopez started crying when Chris Medina was eliminated on an episode that will air Thursday (Feb. 24). Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler had to talk her through it as she became attached to Medina’s history. Medina was the contestant who brought along his disabled girlfriend to the audition.

While it is always hard to send people home, I am confident that someone will win this year with pure talent and not because of  their backstory.

Were you rooting for Chris Medina?