Jennifer Lopez's Dress Was TOO Low Cut! We Saw MORE Than We Should Have


Oh J-Lo, you’ve worn super low-cut dresses before, bu tin the past, well you used tape and used it correctly. We’ve always been impressed by how you’ve been able to hide your nipples and areolas, but this time? You, well, didn’t.

While on stage with Cameron Diaz you gave us all a bit more boob that you probably intended…

Jennifer Lopez while presenting an award- with a large audience at the Kodak Theater and millions and millions more watching at home- had the areloa on her left side making a guest appearance. There was clearly a dark patch peeking out. Fortunately nothing else popped out! But it was hard to miss, when wearing a dress that low cut, it’s hard not keep your eyes glued to her chest!

Did you see Jennifer Lopez’s nip slip?


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