Jennifer Lopez Gets WILD in New York City (Photos)

Jennifer Lopez

Wow! Jennifer Lopez got totally wild on Tuesday morning, like really wild style wise that is.

The very busy mom of two was spotted in New York City not just appearing on Good Morning America but doing a quick change and got into the leather and leopard print outfit at left. She finished the outfit off with a pair of very hot thigh high boots. Yup, not the kind of outfit that you generally see a working mom wear!

Check out more photos of J-Lo’s wild look as well as her far more tame Good Morning America outfit right here:

  • The Whole Outfit 1 of 5
    The Whole Outfit
    A very wild outfit from head to toe! It looks like she could be taking the stage at any moment!
  • Leather Detailing 2 of 5
    Leather Detailing
    Notice how the jacket has leather detailing on the sides and arms, breaking up the large amount of leopard.
  • All Smiles 3 of 5
    All Smiles
    J-Lo looked very happy heading out on her NYC afternoon.
  • Good Morning America 4 of 5
    Good Morning America
    She wore a far more tame outfit for her TV appearance.
  • Lovely 5 of 5
    And you know, purple is a fabulous color on her!

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