Jennifer Lopez Slammed By Co-Star Cameron Diaz For Taking Breaks To See Her Kids On Set

Jennifer with her daughter, Emme

While most of us know all too well the difficulties of juggling a career with motherhood, it doesn’t seem like Hollywood stars are cutting their mom counterparts any slack!

New rumors are surfacing that Cameron Diaz is none too happy about the ongoing mini-breaks co-star Jennifer Lopez takes on the set of their new film to see her twin children, Max and Emme.

The two Hollywood stars are filming “What to Expect While You Are Expecting,” in Georgia, and it looks like Cameron has no patience when it comes to set distractions that are non-work related.

In fact, Cameron is so frustrated working with her mega-hyphenated co-star, that she’s said Jennifer is better at “sticking her day-job,” meaning American Idol.

Do you think Cameron is right to call out Jennifer for taking breaks during filming to be with her kids, or is Jen being unprofessional?  Let’s hear your thoughts.