Jennifer Lopez Has A "Different Kind Of Love" As A Mom


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Jennifer has found long-lasting happiness in her kids and hubby, Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez is in a good place.

Sharing her life with her three-year-old twins, Max and Emme and her husband, singer Marc Anthony, Lopez believes she has found her ultimate happiness.

So it’s no surprise that she named her latest album, Love?

The question mark she says is because she finds love so confusing at times, but when it comes to her kids, there is no question about her devotion.

The Daily Mail reports that Lopez has been changed by motherhood:

“Well, I think because I can look at things with a little bit of distance,’ she says. ‘I’m in a really happy, good place now, and when you have babies, you feel a different kind of love to anything you’ve experienced deeper, more profound.”

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for J-Lo. She and Marc had dated briefly back in the 90s but went on to marry other people. After they had divorced their spouses a few years later, they came got back together for good, and just in time to start a family, “I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and my husband and my babies have everything to do with that.”


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