Jennifer Lopez: Her Post Pregnancy Exercise Philosophy After Twins

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J-Lo works out daily.

Who would ever think that Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins just from looking at her?

Her figure has stayed in tip top shape after giving birth to twins, Max and Emme, and she says she has a secret for why it has.

But it’s no instant formula; it’s a back to the basics notion: working out…a lot.

Fit Perez reports that J-Lo engages in a daily workout:

“I workout nearly every day. It is hard work. Don’t let the pictures and everything fool you as far as people having a baby and then the next day looking amazing. It takes a lot of work. I feel like women always need to give themselves a break in that area as well.”

Jennifer does say that pregnancy changes a woman’s body and what once worked may not work anymore after having kids:

“Your body changes after you have babies, you can’t eat the way you used to eat and you can’t be the way you used to be. Your schedule changes completely so it is adjusting to that and your new life and I definitely have to work at it.”