Jennifer Lopez Hits Her Stride After Twins


jennifer lopez, american idol
Jennifer Lopez Hits Her Stride After Birth Of Twins.

Jennifer Lopez is not only having a career resurgence, but a body rejuvenation as well after giving birth to twins.

The American Idol judge says her body is only getting better after her twins Max and Emme, 3, came into her life.

“Having the twins changed my body. It feels different on the inside as well as the outside,” she said. “The texture of my muscles has even changed.

“I feel like I’ve hit my stride in my 40s. In my 20s I knew nothing about taking care of my body but now I’m 41, I feel like this is the age,” the American Idol judge enthused.

How do you feel about Jennifer Lopez now? Do you think she’s looking the best she ever has?

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[Photo source PRPhotos.]