Jennifer Lopez Says She's Better Now


jennifer-lopezJennifer Lopez says she a better actress now. Wait, what are we comparing it to? Oh that’s it, she’s better now that she’s had kids.

Oh, just kidding.

I get what she meant when she said, “I’ve played a mom, and I’ve had kids in movies before, but now you understand it in a different way, The trick to acting is actually not to act. That’s the trick — now I don’t have to act. Now I can just be, and it makes it better.”

I understand what she means really I do. It’s just so hard for me to like her and I don’t know why, It just is.

She says that people are different after they have kids. They affect the way you think, act and live. You view things in a different light and have a different perspective about “things”.

I think it’s funny when celebrities say that, because obviously it changes you in those ways. I want someone to say, “wow, I don’t know how every one else does it. I really have a lot to learn in this mom game.” That would be interesting!

I personally have no desire to see The Back Up Plan, but I know that Jennifer lovers everywhere will fall in love with it and see that she is forever changed for the better.

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