Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner: Ben Affleck's Opposites


Jennifer Lopez recently told British Marie Claire magazine that she’d be totally open to seeing a movie that stars her ex, Ben Affleck. Holy cow, until that moment, I’d totally forgotten that before Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner came along, J.Lo and Ben were a couple. An engaged couple—Ben gave J.Lo a Harry Winston pink-diamond engagement ring not long after they started dating. They were together from 2002-2004, so it seems only natural that by now, six years later and both happily married (and with kids), she’d be over any lingering heartbreak. 

What’s a little astounding, though, is how different J.Lo (Ben’s ex) and Jen (Ben’s next girlfriend and wife) dress in their everyday lives. You know the saying, “opposites attract?” Well in this case, it’s that Ben attracts opposites.

Truly, both Lopez and Garner are stunningly beautiful women. At gala affairs, they’re often the most beautiful, striking people in the room. What’s interesting is how they look in their downtime. Lopez has chosen, as pictured above, to be a glamarama mama. That’s her shopping for her twins, Emme and Max, in Paris. At right, see J.Lo in jeans. Even when she’s wearing denim, it’s the ultra-hip latest narrow-leg-distressed trend, with of-the-moment boots.

Garner, on the other hand is the most real-mom dresser in all of Hollywood. Jeans that are last-year’s style, plaid button-downs, running sneakers. When she wants to dress up, she’s as put-together as anyone, but on a daily take-the-kids-out basis, she dresses straight out of a casual-mom handbook. No better or worse than J. Lo’s style. Just different. It’s all a matter of mom choice.

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