Jennifer Lopez: Marriage is Hard


jennifer_lopezMaybe the third time really is the charm for JLo.  After two failed marriages and now a union with Marc Anthony since 2004, Jennifer Lopez has had an epiphany: Marriage isn’t easy, people!

In a recent interview, she expounds on this thought:

“That’s how I know that this relationship is worth it, because a lot of people walk away too easily,” says J-Lo. “But to take that step and actually get married and I’ve done it three times, and two times were, you know, not good for me or for them I’m gonna take it seriously.”

Does that quote make absolutely no sense or is it me?  She knows her current marriage is right because other people (umm, like her) walk away from marriages too easily?  Well, regardless, the mother of twins seems happy with her latest mate. Maybe she just shouldn’t try to explain it to the rest of us.