Jennifer Lopez On Being A Working Mother


Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Emme were born two years ago and a lot has changed in that time. She no longer goes by J Lo and the midriffs of Jenny from the Block are long gone. But it’s more than that, of course.

“I can’t help but be a different person now that I’ve had kids,” she says in the upcoming issue of Redbook (on newsstands April 20). “That really does change your whole perspective on life for the better. I definitely feel like I’ve grown up. My main priority now is that my kids are happy; that’s my No. 1 focus in life.”

Prior to their birth, Jen admits that career was number one on her mind. But now she thinks,  “Are these little people happy, content, and getting everything they need? Everything after that is secondary.”

Jen hasn’t completely given up her career though. She has a movie, The Back-Up Plan, coming out this month, a guest-starring role on Glee and a new CD, Love, being released this summer. It’s a busy schedule and she admits to feeling the guilt that all working moms do. “I didn’t know that feeling before,” she says. “You don’t know about it because nobody ever tells you. I think it’s because women are a little ashamed to admit it. You feel guilty whenever you can’t have your kids right there with you on your hip.”

Lucky for Jen, her husband Marc Anthony is a big help in raising the kids. He had two sons from a previous marriage and was a veteran diaper changer. When they were first born he  helped teach her how to handle her five pound newborns and overcome the fear that she may accidentally hurt them. 

The key quote is about what her kids have taught her: “I think the biggest thing they’ve taught me is what loving someone is and what it should feel like,” she says. “This is what unconditional love means. It’s crazy, but it’s heaven and earth.”