Jennifer Lopez Proves She’s Still Jenny From the Block (Photos)


Jennifer Lopez proves she is still “Jenny from the block,” or rather, she is “Jenny who was from the block but has since moved into a giant mansion but does come back to visit on occasion.” Okay, perhaps my version is a wee bit wordy.

This Christmas Eve Jennifer Lopez went back to her roots to visit with family in her old hood. A very jet-lagged J-Lo tweeted some photos of her return to the Castle Hill area of the Bronx. Check them out below:

  • Jenny From the Block! 1 of 5
    Jenny From the Block!
    Jennifer Lopez wrote, "I'm still, I'm still..." with this photo. Funny!
    Photo Source: Twitter/Jennifer Lopez
  • Castle Hill 2 of 5
    Castle Hill
    ""Riding thru my old hood but I'm in my new whip..." LOL! #Christmastime #familia #jetlagged."
    Photo Source: Twitter/Jennifer Lopez
  • Her Sister! 3 of 5
    Her Sister!
    Jennifer Lopez tweeted this pic saying, "Gotcha! Lol!!" Photo Source: Twitter/Jennifer Lopez
  • JLo and Casper 4 of 5
    JLo and Casper
    A sweet photo from earlier in the onth of JLo and her young boyfriend. She wrote, "Major #jetlag !!!! Suns up... moon is still out! #KualaLampur #Malaysia #DanceAgainWorldTour2012"
    Photo Source: Twitter/Jennifer Lopez
  • Casper’s Message 5 of 5
    Casper's Message
    JLo tweeted out this message that Casper wrote to the crew, sweet.
    Photo Source: Twitter/Jennifer Lopez

Photos: Via Twitter


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