Jennifer Lopez Says Moms Need to Pamper Themselves


Jennifer Lopez is doling out some advice to her fellow moms out there: Take more time for yourself.

Now you’re talking.

The champion multi-tasker tells Redbook that moms tend to take care of everyone else first. “We take care of a lot of people, and we can’t forget to take care of ourselves.”

The mother of two admits to going shoe shopping when she’s had enough, and recommends other moms follow suit by doing something they enjoy every week–without the kids.

“You’ve just got to do it. It’s just two hours a week, for heaven’s sake.”

But despite stressing the need to take time for herself, Lopez joins other celebrity moms who have recently spoken out about their choice to pursue a busy career, which she says makes her a better mother.

“I ask myself, ‘What would make me the best me to my kids?’ And that’s being a happy, healthy individual who has a sense of fulfillment and can give them everything they need.”

Well spoken, J-Lo.