Jennifer Lopez Trades in Glam for Sweatpants: Get Her Look!

jennifer lopez style
Jennifer Lopez can rock the red carpet. But, on her days off, she dresses like a regular mom!

I wonder how celeb moms manage to look so glam so much of the time!  With three kids, I subscribe to the typical mom uniform of sweats or yoga pants, with my hair tossed up in a pony tail or messy bun.  Make-up is not something that I have much time for most days, though a big pair of sunglasses can hide those tired eyes.

So, I loved seeing Jennifer Lopez sporting a typical mom look, instead of a glam red carpet look.  We can get her cute sweatpants, too!

Hey, that means we can wear sweats and say “But, I’m dressed just like Jennifer Lopez!”

These comfy pink sweats can be found at Victoria’s Secret.

victorias secret
Sweats from Victoria's Secret, like Jennifer Lopez's


Jennifer Lopez photo: PRPhotos