Jennifer Lopez Trying To Convince Her Twins That Sleeping is "Wonderful"

Jennifer Lopez says her children won't sleep

Most of us moms know the feeling all too well when our tots burst into our bedroom at the crack of dawn with nothing less than explosive energy (and this before the Fruit Loops sugar rush).

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez must know what we’re talking about, as she’s recently reveled that she is trying to convince her 3-year-old twins that sleep is “wonderful.”

The American Idol judge says:  “They won’t let me sleep at night and then they’ll wake up very early.  I ask them, ‘Why don’t you sleep anymore?  Sleep is so wonderful!  Believe me, you’re gonna love to sleep when you’re a teenager!'”

“But it’s useless.  They won’t listen to me!” she added.

The multi-talented songstress seems to be doing pretty well despite her lack of sleep.  Jennifer’s been promoting her latest studio offering, “Love?” and has a few movies lined up including the ensemble-cast “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” before making her way back to the judging panel for American Idol next season.

“I used to have boundless energy,” Jennifer says.  “And now?  Forget it!  I used to be able to work the whole day, never needed one day off and now I sometimes yell, ‘Please, I need a break!'”

Despite her jam-packed schedule and lack of sleep, we can’t help but notice that this Bronx beauty and yummy mummy is still lookin’ good!


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