Jennifer Lopez Wants Time For Herself Just Like Any Other Mom


Sometimes celebrity moms aren’t exactly open and honest about the changes in life that go along with having children. A lot of them act like nothing is different and that every single day is blissful and perfect. It’s so refreshing when a famous mom speaks out about the reality of motherhood, and sounds just like the rest of us who are trying to make it through the day with our sanity. Jennifer Lopez is one of these women for sure!

As the busy mom of twins Max and Emme, Jennifer admits that at the end of the day, all she really wants is a little bit of time to herself. She says, “I don’t really believe mothers have time for themselves. It’s always on your mind, even when you are trying to relax and get away – it’s just one of the absolute facts of being a mother.”

Sound familiar? Those sound pretty similar to words that have come out of my mouth a time or two.

The only time that Lopez really gets to herself is when she’s working, and says, “That’s when I have time to concentrate on what I’m doing, but as far as leisure time, mothers don’t get that – it’s just part of the deal.”

I don’t think I could’ve said it better myself!  It’s nice to know that even someone as well known as Jennifer Lopez dreams of having five minutes to relax.

Photo: PRPhotos