Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Emme Has Her Mom's Sense Of Style!

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Jennifer Lopez Passed on her Fashion Sense to Daughter Emme

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme may only be 3-years-old, but she seems to have inherited her mom’s sense of style! Jennifer Lopez always looks like she stepped out of a magazine, and it sounds like little Emme is following in her footsteps. It seems that watching her mom has taught her well!

Jennifer is a very busy lady as a working mom of twins, and when she gets ready to head to the “office”, she says that she lays all of her clothes out, from the pants to the shoes. Emme has been paying attention to her mom’s eye for fashion and Jennifer says her little girl will lay out her own clothes in her own room and say, “Okay, I need pants’ and ‘That matches. I need a barrette.” Jennifer adds, “It’s crazy!”

There is no doubt that Emme is shaping up to be quite the little fashionista, just like her famous mom!

While Emme is very much the girly girl, Jennifer’s son Max is the total opposite. She says, “He’s into breaking things, tearing things down, punching and then saying ‘I’m hitting in a fun way.”

Max sounds a lot like my own son. I guess boys will be boys. Jennifer definitely has the best of both worlds in her household!

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