Jennifer Lopez's Son Has A Major Toddler Meltdown (Video)

Run, Max, run!

Oh, you have to see this to believe it. A lot of other media outlets are reporting that Jennifer Lopez‘s son Max tried to escape away from his bodyguards, but in all honesty it just looks like the toddler refused to get into a minivan with JLo’s boyfriend, Casper Smart!

Max tried to make a real run for it as he escaped from mama Jen outside LAX airport in Los Angeles. Things got so bad with his diva-like toddler meltdown that Jennifer’s bodyguards had to step in to control the little tyke!

Really, I don’t blame Max at all in this situation. Who in the world would want to sit next to their mom’s boyfriend in a minivan and stare at his ugly arm tattoos? Plus, Casper just looks like the kind of guy who is always in need of a breath mint.

And the best part of this video? Jennifer Lopez drives a Honda Odyssey. #MomSwagger