Jennifer Lopez's Twins Love Make-Up


jenniferlopez1Jennifer Lopez just loves to look great and now her 23-month-old twins do too. Lopez says when she’s getting ready to go out, Max and Emme like “painting themselves”.

She said: “Oh, my God, does she play with the makeup. Both of them do. Max too. They like to paint themselves and you.”

Since Jennifer is always being made up, her makeup artist is always around. So much so that he’s called Uncle Scott and is the children’s godfather.

He laughed to People magazine: “Emme’s just like Jennifer, she’s really refined and she loves jewelery. She has a little bracelet and she always turns it and looks at it. Max is all boy. And she’s such a girl. She’s says, ‘Look at my shoes!’ She shows you her shoes. He wants to play, he wants to rough house and she’s like, Let me sit here and look at my dress. And I say, ‘Your dress is beautiful!’ And she says, ‘Beautiful.’ ”

Do you let your kids play with your make-up? I personally wouldn’t let toddlers touch cosmetics. Too much mess!