Jennifer McDaniel - Can the Brooke Hogan Lookalike Parent Hulk's Adult Kids?

Jennifer McDaniel
Jennifer McDaniel and Hogans

Hulk Hogan is set to marry his fiancée Jennifer McDaniel sometime in the very near future.  The wrestler has applied for the official marriage licence from the state of Florida which allows the two to tie the knot anytime in the next two months.  

While we don’t know a lot about the 35-year-old McDaniel, the one thing that is very clear is that she bears a striking resemblance to Hulk’s daughter Brooke.  Given the big age difference between Hogan and McDaniel (22 years) and her uncanny resemblance to his daughter, can Jennifer McDaniel become an effective step-parent to Hulk’s adult children?

The Hogan kids have largely been split since their parents divorced in 2008 with Brooke living with her father and Nick remaining with Hulk’s ex-wife Linda.   From all appearances, Brooke has a positive relationship with Jennifer McDaniel often being spotted on the red carpet with her father and future step-mom. 

Time will tell if the 30-something McDaniel’s can parent Hulk’s adult kids!

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