Jennifer McDaniel, Hulk Hogan Married: Wedding Details, Including Why the Cops Came!

hulk hogan jennifer mcdaniel wedding married ceremony
Jennifer McDaniel, Hulk Hogan Married

Jennifer McDaniel and Hulk Hogan were married last night in a sunset wedding in Clearwater, Florida – and while the Jennifer McDaniel/Hulk Hogan wedding was small, it didn’t lack in excitement when the cops came to break up some drama.

Hulk Hogan married girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel Tuesday evening at his home in Clearwater, but TMZ reports that a secuirty employee and a photographer who was trying to take pictures of the wedding got into a fight.

The cops were called during the wedding ceremony, as Jennifer McDaniel and Hulk exhanged vows, but when they arrived, no one was arrested and no one pressed charges.

Hulk Hogan’s (real name Terry Bollea) lawyer and close friend had told RadarOnline, “It’s going to be a very small, simple civil ceremony. It won’t be grand at all. They are doing this for Terry and Jennifer, to express their love for one another.”

Hulk Hogan tweeted a picture of his wedding band, seen at left, with the message: “This time we’re really gonna make history!”

Hulk Hogan’s children, Brooke, 22, and Nick, 20, were both at the wedding.