Jennifer Sterger: She's Not The Only Woman Bret Favre Hit On

Brett Favre Jennifer Sterger
Jennifer Sterger Not the Only Woman Favre Hit On

Jennifer Sterger is definitely making a name for herself as the girl who claims NFL player Bret Favre sent her some less than family friendly text messages and photos, which is now a huge scandal. Sterger, who once posed for Playboy, says that she turned down Favre’s advances. The NFL is looking into her accusations.

In the meantime, another woman has come forward and is saying that Favre also hit on her by sending her nude photos and inappropriate text messages. The name of the woman has not been released, but we know that she is a massage therapist…and she’s also married.

The woman told the New York Post that she met Bret Favre while working as a therapist for the Jets in 2008. She said that “He was looking at me like I was a hanging slab of meat.”

Favre began contacting her the next day with emails and text messages and told her that he wanted her to “come over” and that he had “bad intentions.”

The woman’s husband was livid after she told him what was going on, and he called Favre looking for an explanation or apology, and did not get either.

Sounds like this granddad’s definitely got some explaining to do if these allegations are true.


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