Jenny McCarthy Congratulates Jessica Simpson By Posting Pregnancy Pic Of Herself At 211lbs

Jenny McCarthy

Forget Hallmark or eCards. Jenny McCarthy got personal while congratulating fellow celebrity mom Jessica Simpson on the birth of her daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, on Tuesday afternoon.

The model mom and actress posted a picture of herself before she gave birth to her son Evan back in 2002 and when she weighed at 211lbs. She also posted the following message:

Dear @JessicaSimpson. I think pregnant women look perfect just they way they are!

While I’m loving how open and out there Jenny is about her own pregnancy weight gain, I’m not sure if I’d have the balls to send someone a congratulatory email of all 211lbs of me at my birthing suit with my first daughter (yep, Jenny and I have that in common – that’s exactly how much I weighed, too). But then again, what the heck, let’s start a new trend here. We can all start sending pics of ourselves before (or maybe even during) labor to our friends in congratulatory eCards. What do you think?

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