Jenny McCarthy: My Son Only Likes Pretty Chicks

Jenny McCarthy

It looks like Jenny McCarthy‘s son wants a babe that’s as pretty as his mom, apparently. According to the funny celebrity mom, her 9-year-old Evan is only into “pretty chics.”

Well, then again, what can you expect from the kid when he spends his childhood Easter egg hunts at the Playboy mansion. And according to Jenny, that’s where he’s been hanging out with his “chics.” Here’s what she tells Celebrity Baby Scoop:

“I went in there and he’s laying there going, ‘Hey.’ And I said, ‘Yeah?’ and he said, ‘You know I like chicks, right?’ And I said, ‘That’s great!’ And he goes, ‘I like pretty chicks.’ So I said, ‘Awesome!’ ” Evan then announced, “I just thought I’d come out and tell you.”

“I’m like, Oh. My. God! He’s 9! So you can imagine, if Hef’s parties are still going on in a few years, I’m in trouble! He’s got two girlfriends…one’s here. She’s 29.”