Jenny McCarthy Promotes Her New Book, "Bad Habits" (Photos)

Jenny McCarthy

Oh, that Jenny McCarthy. Stirring trouble with the written word! The actress and former model was spotted promoting her new book, “Bad Habits” at the Hilton Hotel in New York City on Thursday afternoon.

The celebrity mother actually looked like she was having a great time at the signing too, and looked fab in a tight, figure-hugging red dress that showed off her dangerous curves.

Check out our photos below! Jenny doesn’t take a bad picture, now does she?

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    Jenny McCarthy
    Jenny McCarthy promoting her new book, "Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic" at a Book Signing at the Hilton Hotel in New York City.
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    Lookin' Good
    Jenny doesn't take a bad picture, now does she? She looks great
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    Something tells me that this book is going to be full of LOLs!
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    Funny Woman
    All of her other books have been past hits, too!
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think of Jenny's mom style?

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