Jeremy London Linked To Rachel Uchitel, What About His Wife And Son?


Jeremy London has definitely had his share of problems this year, and the latest accusation is that the Celebrity Rehab star is having an affair with none other than Tiger Woods’ old mistress, Rachel Uchitel.  She definitely has a thing for men who are married with kids, that’s for sure.

Jeremy’s wife, Melissa, is the one who believes that he and Rachel have entered into a romantic relationship. London is denying the affair, but does admit to having a friendly relationship with Uchitel.  He says that he is very protective of her, and adds, “She’s been wrongfully persecuted by the media and because of what the media has done to me after I was nearly murdered, I relate to her.”

London found himself at the center of media reports when he was supposedly held at gunpoint and forced to take drugs. It still isn’t quite clear what went down with that whole incident.

Even though Jeremy and Melissa’s marriage is pretty much done, he still has his son, Lyrik, at home, and all that his estranged wife wants is for him to pay attention to the little boy. She said, “Rekindling our marriage is out of the question, but I want him to be a good supportive father to our son.”

You would think that after the whole Tiger Woods saga, that Jeremy would know better and would stay away from women like Rachel Uchitel.  Being linked to her definitely doesn’t help paint a picture of him as a role model father.

Where are his priorities?

Photo: PRPhotos