Jeremy London's Mom Wants to Save his Life


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One day after the Jeremy London kidnapping news broke, we’ve learned that there’s also a warrant out for the actor’s arrest. His life has spiraled out of control, and his mother, for one, is scared. She’s already lost one child, and tells E! News’ Ken Baker, “I don’t want to bury another child.” Her story, and Jeremy’s, is sad and scary, and we hope moving toward a happy end. The full Jeremy London news, below.

The arrest warrant for Jeremy was issued in March, when the star, then under probation (for a 2004 Driving Under the Influence conviction),  failed to appear in court on charges that he’d been driving without a license, according to It was just the latest of the messy episodes that have made up his life recently — he’s recently gone through rehab, filed for divorce from Melissa Cunningham, and been fighting for custody of his son, Lyrik, culminating in the kidnapping on June 10. 

“We don’t want him to be another statistic,” says his mother Debbie Nielsen. Debbie’s daughter, Jeremy’s sister Dedra, was killed in a car accident when she was 16, in 1992. Jeremy also lost a stepbrother to a car accident just four years later. He told People magazine earlier this year that these incidents are what escalated his drug use. “It was horrible bouts of tragedy that perpetuated smoking pot. Unfortunately,” he says, the drugs “made things worse.” 

His mother’s not the only one worried. Jeremy’s twin brother, actor Jason London, tells E! News, “We love Jeremy very, very much. He’s lost. You’re 40, grow up. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made.”

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