Jeremy Sisto FINALLY Names His Baby and It's a Doozy!

Sisto and his beautiful wife Addie Lane

Although his son was born two weeks ago actor Jeremy Sisto’s firstborn son remained nameless.

As Famecrawler first reported, the Suburgatory star and his wife were having some trouble coming up with a name.

So the boy renamed nameless until now.

Last night Sisto tweeted the boy’s name and it’s a celeb baby name fo sho.  To give you a little perspective, Jeremy’s daughter is named Charlie-Ballerina.  Yes, with the hyphen.

“My wife went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that weren’t normally names,” the actor told PEOPLE about how they came up with Charlie-Ballerina.

And the baby name is…

Bastian Kick.

Is the little guy doomed to be a heavy metal star?  Or a skateboarder, perhaps?  Do you like it?  Hate it?  Although it’s certainly weird I think that’s what the couple was shooting for… And the name definitely has a badass flava.

Sisto’s wife is probably relieved.  He told LIVE! with Kelly last week that the clock was ticking and his wife was stressed about the little guy’s name.

“We got an extension at the hospital, but on Friday we do have to go down and put something in,” Sisto said.  “If we don’t have it by then, I think it’ll be ‘Baby Boy’. We’re going to be filing extensions for a while. If naming babies is anything like doing homework, then it’ll take [me] a while to name this kid.”

All jokes aside, “My wife is stressing about it,” he admits. “I’m hoping something magical happens — [something] that makes me think, ‘Of course this is supposed to be his name.

Apparently something magical did happen.  As Sisto tweeted last night, “Little man finally told us his name”.

What do you think?  Magical or celebrity silly?

Image: Twitter

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