Jeri Ryan: "I Chose This Career, My Kids Didn't"


Jeri RyanKeeping her family life private and her kids out of the spotlight are priorities for actress Jeri Ryan, 42, mother of Alex, 15, and Gisele, who turns two years old tomorrow. Ryan allows that certain celebrities reach a level where they will be tabloid fixtures no matter what, but believes for many others it’s their own doing.

“There are some movie stars who are so massive that, no matter what they do, the paparazzi will follow them,” she said. “But, for the most part, people who are followed by the tabloids have cultivated that.”

“That’s not anything I have ever been interested in — certainly not for my family. I chose this career; my kids didn’t.”

Ryan’s wariness of unwanted coverage comes with good reason. She was unwittingly part of a media frenzy in 2004 when records from her divorce from her investment banker / politician first husband Jack Ryan were unsealed, resulting in private information becoming public.

Source: People


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