Jermaine Jackson a Dead Beat Dad?


jermaine_theinsiderOops. Daddy is behind on his bills.  Jermaine Jackson’s ex Alejandra Jackson has filed a lawsuit against the singer. Why? Because she claims the father of her two children is behind in hischild support. The couple had two children together, Jermajesty and Jaffar.

TMZ  reported that she has claims that Jermaine owes $35k in child support. But Jermaine supposedly only made $35K in 2008. But she pointed out “that he lives in the same “estate home” in Calabasas, drives the same “luxury vehicles” and has the same “luxury lifestyle” he had before.”

Wow…his accountants are good! In the lawsuit “gift cards to Ralphs in varying months so that I can pick up food for our children, usually between $300 and $400.”
Oh and she just happens to have three kids with Randy Jackson, Jermaine’s brother. Wonder if he’s paid up on his child support?