Jerry O'Connell Is So Embarrassed


jerry-oconnell-rebecca-romijnWe all have embarrassing parenting moments, right? If you say no, then I’ll know you’re lying, because they are inevitable.

Jerry O’Connell has had his share of awkward and embarrassing moments with the twins. He said, The hardest thing is being in a public place like a store or a restaurant—or on your wife’s TV show set!—and smelling number two, and knowing it’s one of your children. Those situations are always embarrassing.”

Oh yeah, that’s fun.

He also said he has had embarrassing moments on the set of Rebecca’s new project.

“I went to my wife’s work yesterday, and she was in the middle of a very dramatic scene. And I had the kids there, and one of them was like, ‘Bwaaahhh.’ It was very verbal and busted the scene up. I thought it was funny, but I don’t think the director did, so I got the heck out of there… I had a long talk with the girls about show business, but I don’t think they had any idea what the heck I was talking about.”

Kids are the thing that keeps us humble. My Mother-in-law has a great story about my husband. It seems he had a very nasty full diaper that started to leak out all over the restaurant table. Everyone quietly got up and left grandma at the table with the dirty kid. Everyone was standing outside laughing.

What’s your most embarrassing moment with your kids?