Jerry O'Connell Is Going To Night School


jerry-oconnell-rebecca-romijnSo the one week out of the year I didn’t have internet Jerry O’Connell decides to announce that he is going to go to law school, and I totally missed it.

He says his is the perfect time to go, because he’ll be home with the kids while Rebecca is filming Eastwick. He said, “I’m taking the next while off because my wife is working on Eastwick. I’m not going to be working for the next eight months because we agreed that one of us that would be with the kids.”

He also said that he always wanted to go to law school and now is that time. He has a good 8 months or so to give it his full attention.He did say it’s night school so he won’t be going to some big university every day.

I’m guessing they have a nanny to look after the kids while he’s doing his course work, because he’s going to need one.

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