Jerry O'Connell Sells Stay-At-Home Dad Book


jerry-oconnell-romijn-rebecca-twins-dolly-charlie1Finally, stay-at-home dads have a voice in the literary world! Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn’s twins are now 8 months old, and Jerry’s days as a stay-at-home dad are really starting to pay off. With 16 months combined daddy experience, Jerry has written and sold a memoir called “Cry, Feed, (Make Love to Wife) Burp” to Ballantine Books.

Here’s the blurb:

“O’Connell will describe life as a very 21st century father in a land of celebrity, the sterile California suburbs, and two-for-one diaper changing — everything from the moment he was told it was time for him to be a father, through the trials and tribulations of conception and childbirth, to the joys and disasters and joys again of staying home to raise two new babies.”

While the first 8 months is sure to be packed with emotional highs and lows, doesn’t it seem a tad early for a memoir? I mean, sheesh, you have kids for a few months and you think you’re an expert? Oh well, the title alone makes it sound interesting enough to pick up.

Here’s an interesting question: Do you think a lot of men will read this book? Or, will O’Connell’s audience be made up primarily of women who are interested in how a man goes about the stay-at-home thing?