Jerry OConnell Talks Twins, Baring All in Piranha 3D, Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)


Jerry O'Connell Piranha 3DJerry O’Connell apparently doesn’t have any body image issues he’ll be baring all in Piranha 3D, hitting theaters Friday.

But before we get to that, Jimmy Kimmel says Jerry hasn’t been there since he had twin girls, now almost two. O’Connell says he gave up on calculating his girls’ age in months because it’s too confusing!

Jerry O’Connell said his kids are crazy – maybe crazier than other kids! For example, if they don’t want to do something, they have a sit-in and play opossum, O’Connell says.

He talks about how he tells his girls apart they aren’t identical and are totally different, so there’s no confusion, but he and his wife curbed calling one “the big one” for fear of psychological damage.

Jerry O’Connell also shares a story about an unconventional parenting strategy, that he apologizes to moms everywhere about. We think he’s joking… right?

In the second video clip, Jerry O’Connell talks to Jimmy Kimmel about the role in Piranha 3D, which required him to briefly show more of O’Connell than we’ve seen before.

O’Connell apparently isn’t dropping trou for artistic purposes, but seems he’s game for the role.

What do you think of Jerry O’Connell’s stories about his girls? How about his role in a horror flick?