Jerry O'Connell: The Trouble With Twins


Dad Jerry O’Connell is regularly taking on double duty with two-year-old twins Dolly and Charlie, with actress Rebecca Romjin. And though that mean double the cuteness, it also means double the stress–even for Hollywood celebs who likely have nannies to help.

O’Connell recently talked to People about taking care of his two little ones–and the trouble they can cause now that they’ve reached those terrible twos. “I think my children are actually worse than the terrible twos,” he said. “They’re just crazy. Listen, everyone says to us, ‘It gets better. It gets better.’ That has not been my experience.”

The actor even joked that he and Romjin talked about splitting up, but decided against it because “neither of us want to take the children.” He said that already the girls are fighting about who gets what–of the exact same things, like bottles–and causing their fair share of drama.

But, this dad still does love his twins, despite their especially terrible twos. He even gets into the girliness of having daughters. “I love doing their hair,” he said. “I’m really into combing it and putting their hair into pigtails.”

Do you feel bad for O’Connell having to take care of double the trouble?


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